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See below the details of the Seminars and Bartender Shows:

Seminars cost MOP100/person and Bartender Shows are free.

Name of the Seminar: Portugal Diversity – Grape Varieties 

Organizer of Seminar: VINOMAC LTD

Date: June 30, 2023

Time: 14:30-15:10

Language: English

Name of Speaker: Luis de Heredia

Speaker Profile:

Luis is the founder and director of Vinomac Limited, Vice-President of the Wine Society of Macau and has been teaching Wine Studies at IFTM for over 25 years. 

Seminar synopsis: Portugal offers a rich diversity of grape varieties, this seminar offers you the possibility to taste 4 mono-varietal wines of high quality, produced from Alvarinho, Encruzado, Touriga Nacional and Castelão grape varieties, each with a distinct profile and from a different region. You may also taste a fortified wine from an old and very small region, Carcavelos, a delicious nectar.

Details of Wines to be tasted:

1. Soalheiro Granit 2021 (Alvarinho grape variety)

2. Quinta das Marias Crudus 2019 (Encruzado grape variety)

3. Maçanita Touriga Nacional Letra A 2019 (Touriga Nacional grape variety)

4. Serra Mãe Reserva 2018 (Castelão grape variety)

5. Villa Oeiras 7 Years Old  

Name of the Seminar: Chinese Terroir Chinese Wine - Xige Estate Master Class Wine Tasting

Organizer of Seminar: NINGXIA XIGE ESTATE

Date: July1, 2023

Time: 15:30-16:10


Name of Speaker: Christelle CHENE  

Speaker Profile: French national born in Burgundy, Christelle has been living in China and working in the Wine Industry for over 12 years. After many years working as a Wine specialist first for the French Consulate in Wuhan, central China and then for different French wine producers in charge of developing the Chinese market, she has finally found her life calling joining Xige Estate and setting up in Ningxia in 2019 with at heart to promote quality Chinese wine all around the World. 

Seminar synopsis:

Xige Estate was founded in 2017 in the Ningxia Helan Mountain Wine Region by ZHANG Yanzhi. This «Xige Estate Master Class Wine Tasting» aims to share with wine lovers comprehensive information about Chinese grape varieties, terroir, and Xige Estate wine series’ characteristics showing the winery’s own interpretation of its Chinese Terroir.

Through this Master Class, Wine lovers will be able to taste Xige Estate’s most representative and popular wines, including the ones from its «Xige N.» and «Jade Dove» brands, and also its Top wine that was recently served during King Charles’s Coronation event.

Details of Wines to be tasted:

1. Xige Estate 2017

2. Jade Dove Single Vineyard Cabernet Gernischt

3. Jade Dove Single Vineyard Chardonnay

4. Jade Dove Red

5. Jade Dove Rose

Name of the Seminar: A Taste of South Africa

Organizer of Seminar: Global Sourcing And Marketing Limited

Date: July 1, 2023

Time: 13:30-12:10

Language: Cantonese

Name of Speaker: Kliff Sio

Speaker Profile: Graduated with a Bachelors in Commerce. My final year majors are in Economics and Supply Chain. I have 13 years of demonstrated history working in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, retail chains, import and export across blue chip companies in South Africa. Wine has been part of this journey since it was introduced to me 2008. Since then, I have spiking interest towards tasting wines.

Seminar synopsis: Our presentation will follow a traditional seminar. Guests will be introduced to 5 wines all grown and produced in the Western Cape of South Africa. On the menu, guests will find 2 white and 3 red variations ranging from easy to drink to celebrations. For each wine we will look at the profile of the wine and a short description of each wine’s origin, location, type and analysis. In between each wine we will present some slides of South Africa, its culture, history of wine in South Africa, places to visit. The presentation will also include a description of GSM and its history here in Macau. Finally, we will end of with contact details and how to make a purchase

Details of Wines to be tasted:

1. Christiena Sauvignon Blanc

2. Van Loveren Chenin Blanc

3. Spier Merlot Can

4. Dome Pinot Noir

5. Trousseau Pinotage

Name of the Seminar: Herdade São Miguel Master Class - Alentejo, Portugal

Date: July1, 2023

Time: 16:30-17:10


Name of Speaker: Roberto Gallotto

Speaker Profile: Roberto is a veteran wine professional with over 35 years of experience in food and beverage. He has worked on luxury cruise liners for almost 20 years, and, most recently, he has been engaged in the wine trade, from supply chain operations to wine sales and distribution. His knowledge and expertise span all areas of the wine industry.

In Grand Lisboa Macau, he has crucially contributed to the attainment of the prestigious Three Glasses Grand Award, the highest recognition assigned by the Wine Spectator to the most outstanding wine lists in the world.

Based in Macau, Roberto currently assists DOC DMC in the organisation and coordination of wine events, providing his advice on all the technical matters related to wine.

Seminar synopsis: Alexandre Relvas Sr. purchased the 430-acre estate of Herdade of São Miguel in the Alentejo region. It is now run by his son, who bears the same name. The property is dedicated to honoring Portuguese wine heritage as 86 of those initially purchased acres are planted to Portuguese varieties like Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet and Trincadeira, while 240 more acres are exclusively dedicated to cork oak trees.

The Alentejo region of Portugal encompasses a large geographic area, which includes the Algarve coastal region. It’s known for its natural beauty and extreme climate which are beneficial to Herdade of São Miguel’s grape growing. A mixture of clay and schist soils aid in the development of three-dimensional flavors. The winery can handle up to 550 tons of grapes, all hand harvested. The family believes in offering quality at affordable prices.


Details of Wines to be tasted:






Name of the Seminar: Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Organizer of Seminar: New Aussino Wines

Date: July 1, 2023

Time: 14:30-15:10

Language: Cantonese

Name of Speaker: Linda Chung

Speaker Profile: Experience in wine industry for 10 years

Presided over more than 10 large-scale professional wine auctions, over hundreds

various wine activities, lectures and courses

Whisky Ambassador Qualified Instructor

WSET(Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Level 2 Certificate

Aussino Wine & Spirit Academy Senior Course Certificate

Bordeaux Wine School Certificate

Wine Australia Level 2 Certificate

Bourgogne Wine School Certificate

Diageo Whisky Academy Ceritificate

Seminar synopsis: Aussino World Wines & Spirits is a brand institution dealing in mid-to-high-end fine wines founded in 1996. For more than 20years, Aussino has been committed to introducing fine wines from all over the world to Chinese consumers. Now it is the franchise or exclusive agent importing over 1000 fine wines from more than 10 major wine and spirit producing countries and 200 boutique wineries. With mature wholesale, retail network and e-commerce in over 100 cities, it is a professional and large- scale boutique wine brand organization in China. Being a practitioner of wine and spirit culture education,Aussino Wine & Spirit Academy was established in 2006 to promote wine and spirit culture as the company's business philosophy.

Details of Wines to be tasted:

1. Tomatin Legacy Single Malt Scotch Whisky

2. Tomatin 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

3. Tomatin 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

4. Cu Bocan Signature Single Malt Scotch Whisky

5. Cu Bocan Creation 3 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Name of the Seminar: Portugal's wine regions with their terroirs and varieties


Date: June 30, 2023

Time: 15:30-16:10

Language: Cantonese

Name of Speaker: Antonio Alves

Speaker Profile: The company is owned by the Macanese Managing Director António Alves, that has over 25 years of experience in the wine world. Antonio is the founder of Eurovinhos and promoting the Portuguese wines in Macau and Mainland China since 1998.

Seminar synopsis: Portugal has a vast wine region and a great diversity of grape varieties, Therefore, in this seminar

we offer you knowledge about some wine regions,their grape varities, their terroir and their producers. Participants will taste a white wine from the Vinho Verde region, a light rose wine from Lisbon, a old vines varietal wine Castelão from Setubal, a 2013 vintage Grande reserva wine from Alentejo and finally a LBV Port.

Details of Wines to be tasted:

1.Casa Santos Lima Mosaico Vinho Verde 2021(alc.11%)

2.Casa Santos Lima Mosaico Light Rose 2021(alc.9.5%)

3.Quinta da Mimosa Red 2020(alc. 14.5%)

4.Julian Reynolds Grande Reserva Red 2013(alc. 14%)

5.Barao de Vilar LBV 2013

Name of the Seminar: A Tasting of Gin from all over the world

Organizer of Seminar: J.T.W. Beverage Import Ltd

Date: June 30, 2023

Time: 16:30-17:10

Language: Cantonese

Name of Speaker: Chuck Low

Speaker Profile: With over 10 years in spirits industry, Chuck Low provides tasting and educates professional and corporate clients through workshop and seminars, a passionate spirits lover from Gin, Whisky to Tequlia.

Seminar synopsis: A Tasting of Gin from all over the world; Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink that derives its flavour from juniper berries and other botanical ingredients.

 Gin originated as a medicinal liquor made by monks and alchemists across Europe. The modern gin was then modified in the Flanders and the Netherlands, to provide aqua vita from distillates of grapes and grains. It then became an object of commerce in the spirits industry. Gin became popular in England after the introduction of jenever, a Dutch and Belgian liquor that was originally a medicine. Although this development had been taking place since the early 17th century, gin became widespread after the 1688 Glorious Revolution led by William of Orange and subsequent import restrictions on French brandy. Gin subsequently emerged as the national alcoholic drink of England.

Details of Wines to be tasted:

1. Iron Balls Gin

2 Akori Gin

3. Brockmans Gin

4. CrossKeys Gin 

5. Saigon Baigur Premium Dry Gin

Name of the Seminar: : Meet the Macau Beer Master

Organizer of Seminar: Macau Beer

Date: July 2, 2023

Time: 14:30 - 15:10

Language : Japnese- Mandarin interpretation

Seminar synopsis:

1. What Kirin Brewery has been focusing on for a long time

2. The Brewing Philosophy of Kirin Beer

3. Strengths of Kirin Beer

4. Kirin Beer Quality Management System


Details of Wines to be tasted:

1. Macau Beer Golden Ale

2. Macau Beer White Ale

SJM Resorts, S.A.


Introduction of Cocktails:


1)    My Ideal Tea Essence (MITE Special Cocktail)

Welcoming international tourists with traditional tea culture, My Ideal Tea Essence is a fusion of the Grand Lisboa Palace Special Blended Tea and Macau’s first local Owl Man gin, presenting a delightful blend of east-meets-west flavours.


2)    Last Back Garden

The Last Back Garden cocktail is a tribute to the tranquillity and natural beauty of Coloane Fishing Village, a charming village surrounded by lush greenery, blossoms, and bird songs. The unique bird-shaped glass creates a feeling of being surrounded by well-preserved temples and squares, while the cocktail’s balanced blend of flavours transports you to pure relaxation.


3)    Happy Paradise

Happy Paradise, a tiki-styled cocktail that embodies a holiday vibe, which is inspired by rare giant pandas Kai Kai and Xin Xin, named by Macau’s citizens as a reflection of the city’s happiness. Embark on a journey of joyfulness with the first sip of Happy Paradise.

 Bartender Profile:

Frederick Ma

Resort Master Mixologist


As a Resort Master Mixologist at Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau, Frederick Ma developed his passion for the food and beverage industry at a young age, leading him to follow his dream by studying Hospitality Management in Australia, and eventually pursuing a lifelong career as a mixologist. Later he represented Hong Kong and Asia in numerous bartending competitions and garnered multiple international awards.


With over 16 years of experience working as a bartender across Hong Kong, Beijing to Xian, Frederick has extensive knowledge of different types of alcohol and mixology techniques. He attaches great importance to the taste and flavour of cocktails, as well as the harmony between the cocktails and the meals. With his goal of creating cocktails that are not only delicious but also visually stunning, he strives to provide an extraordinary experience for guests that captures their hearts.


Information of Winning Awards /Participation of International Performances:


·      2023 Clement Rum Special Group World Championship

·      2019 Clement Rum Asian Championship

·      2018 Chinese International Mixology Master Cup Beijing Championship & China 1st Runner Up

·      2017 & 2018 The Chivas Masters Cocktail Competition China 1st Runner Up

·      2017 Baidiao Baijiu Cocktail Competition Global round World Cup Championship

·      2015 Monin Cocktail Competition Hong Kong Championship 


Sands China Limited

Introduction of Cocktails:


1)    The Collection No.1 (MITE Special Cocktail)

Rather than disposing the pulps of the juice from our daily juice production, this cocktail was inspired by adopting this method of RE-USE by creating other products such as the Homemade Apple Liqueur and distillate coming from the ingredients that we normally dispose. We adopt this method of re-use, reduce and re-produce. A spiritcentric cocktail with style, balance and elegance.


2)    Power of Throne

To commemorate the Portuguese legacy in Macao – we introduced Portuguese fortified wine as one of the ingredients, giving a perfect balance of acidity, floral aromas and fruity notes.


3)    Passionfruit Chili Soda

As healthy choice with almost less-or-no sugar content. The homemade soda is also considered as a trendy approach because is better for the environment as we reduce usage of commercial can-soda for our communities and industry-alike.

Bartender Profile:

Frank Hu


Frank who has more than 7 years’ experience in developing and crafting drinks and worked at the coveted Manhattan at the Conrad Singapore Orchard (former The Regent Singapore) – one of the Asia’s 50 Best Bars. Frank is one of the most experienced and seasoned mixologists in Asia and Macao, where he has completed his master mixologist program. Frank has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from Hainan University. After worked in Digital Marketing briefly, he followed his passion and pursue a career in bartending and worked through the ranks in the Manhattan in Singapore. Frank joined The Londoner Macao Hotel and worked at The Residence started from early 2021 and has been leading the team since then.


Information of Winning Awards /Participation of International Performances:

·         Singapore Top 8 Roku Gin SEA 2019 Cocktail Competition

·         Singapore Top 3 in Four Pillars Gin Asia 2019 Open Cocktail Competition

·         No. 8 on Asia's 50 Best Bars in 2020 - Manhattan Bar

·         No. 2 on Asia's 50 Best Bars in 2019 - Manhattan Bar




Introduction of Cocktails:


1)    Patuá  (MITE Special Cocktail)

Macao, a unique destination that preserves multi-cultural heritage. Hundreds of years ago, with the multi-cultural influence, a special local language “Patuá” is formed. It is a Portuguese-based creole language with a substrate from Cantonese, Malay and Sinhala. Nowadays, this language is used by very few families in the Macanese community, we pay homage to the unique cultural history of Macau with this special cocktail. Blending the only Baijiu wine from Macao with Chinese Gin and 10-year old Tawny Port. Spirits from three different areas are selected as the base wine of this cocktail to highlight the East and West mix elements. Sweetened with “Pei Pa Koa” and finally topped with an infusion of Sri Lankan cinnamon, Indian cardamom, cloves and peppercorns from the Malacca Straits.


2)    Rossio

The cocktail is named after the very famous Rossio Square, also named as King Pedro IV Square, in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. Rossio is the place where Chef from Rossio Restaurant of Macau drew inspirations for authentic Portuguese comfort dishes and local Macanese favorites. Aged tawny port and organic VSOP cognac is blended with traditional wild cherry liqueur sourced from the coastal Estremadura region and freshens the cocktail with homemade tonic and Mediterranean tonic.


3)    Five Foot Road

A spicy cocktail to match the Michelin-starred Sichuan Chengdu restaurant in Macau, Five Foot Road. Its name is inspired by the Southern Silk Road and the poetry form Li Bai as it begins in Chengdu. This cocktail also highlight the essence of the unique taste-profile of the Sichuan cuisine, promoting the great stories of Chinese culture and its gastronomic treasures. Infused vodka with green and red Sichuan peppercorns, then it is blended with Sichuan Luzhou Lao Jiao Baijiu, and finished with a dash of homemade bitters.


Bartender Profile:

Nino J Angeles Silan


Joined MGM COTAI in 2018 as part of the hotel pre-opening team, Nino Silan from  Philippines, is the Supervisor at Bar Patuá. Bringing his 7 years of expertise in tailoring recipes of cocktails, as well as his experience in Macau, his creation combines ingredients distinctive to the east and west. Throughout the years, Nino has represented MGM to join different competitions, including the Gold Pin Award of Macao Occupational Skills Recognition System (MORS) and Diageo World Class Competition at HK and Macau.


Information of Winning Awards /Participation of International Performances:

·         Diageo World Class Competition 2023 (HK and Macau) – Top 15

·         MORS Gold Pin 2022 Champion - Gold Pin Winners - Bartender  

·         MORS Bronze Pin Winner 2021



Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Introduction of Cocktails:


1)    Red Sour (MITE Special Cocktail)

Red Sour is inspired by treasure box from the sea, is a Gin base cocktail with clarified mint Juice and clarified lime cordial for refreshing notes of the cocktail, white vermouth and lastly the red sour molecular with yusu, hibiscus and pomegranate. After you break the molecular and stir with the cocktail, it shows you a new presentation and taste.

2)    The Forest Punch

The Forest Punch is basically inspired by the nature, with milk punch clarification of pineapple, homemade tepache pineapple with cinnamon and Pu Erh tea that usually popular in Macao. Top it up with Oolong tea and bitters foam, to give multi layered of flavors.

3)    Blue Dream

Blue Dream(Mocktails) was inspired by the point of view when you are in the beach. Under the sun atmosphere with clearly blue sea with while sand, that you really wanted to relax with a glass of refreshing drink. This drink is combination of pineapple & grapefruit with a peach syrup with clarification technique and turn this into a blue.

Bartender Profile:

Errol Balanlay

Supervisor, Restaurant - L'Attitude

Started my career as bartender since 2013 in Philippines. In 2015, came to Macau to elevate the skill and knowledge. In 2018, got the chance to work with Alain Ducasse beverage team, they taught me different kinds of technique and knowledge about all kinds of herbs, spirits and infusing method about the ingredients.

Information of Winning Awards /Participation of International Performances:

·         Irish festive cocktail competition HongKong & Macau in year 2017, 4th place

·         World Class Cocktail Competition in year 2022. 7th place, but Top 1 in Macau.


Galaxy Entertainment Group

Introduction of Cocktails:


1)    Macau egg tart (MITE Special Cocktail)

Macau’s famous treat gets an exciting makeover with this whisky cocktail that finds the perfect balance between creamy sweetness and fruity tang, with caramelized sugar and chocolate powder contributing to the signature burnt appearance of the egg tart. 

2)    Figs in my Double Cask

Infused with Indian figs, the rich and spicy Macallan Double Cask whisky takes on a mellow sweetness, with orange and walnut bitters adding a hint of citrus and woody flavors. Burst the bubble and let the aroma find its way to you.


3)    Elements of Akeira Sea

Marrying the herbal, floral scent of bianco vermouth with the umami flavor of seaweed. Mild and refreshing sake, together with sweet peach bitters, make this cocktail the perfect start to a wonderful evening. 


Bartender Profile:

Shetty Shobit

Head Bartender of The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge

Hailing from India with over a decade of bartending experience, Shobit Shetty is ready to spice up the cocktail offerings of The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge at Galaxy Macau™.

The bar’s collection of over 400 malt whiskies, with their unique aroma, provides Shobit with the best materials to exercise his creativity. He also draws inspiration from his interaction with guests, learning about their stories and understanding their tastes in order to meet, or even exceed their expectations.

New World, New Excitement

Shobit discovered his passion for mixology soon after joining the F&B industry in Mumbai. He started bartending there in 2010, refining his craft through continued study and experimentation. He has obtained professional certifications from Cocktails & Dreams, School of Bar & Beverage Operations in Mumbai. The countless cocktails he created during this time helped to shape his signature style today and his motto is to always add something new to the experience. In 2018, Shobitcame to work in a local Macau bar which later obtained such prestigious honors as Remy Martin Best Bar (non hotel) 2019 and Asia’s 100 Best Bars 2021.

A lover of challenge, Shobit welcomes his career milestone in 2022 by joining The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge. Located inside Galaxy Macau, the world-classluxury integrated resort, the bar offers Shobit exposure to a wider clientele whose cultures and preferences will continue to inject new excitement into his repertoire.

The Signature Touch

“My concept always depends on the place I’m in and what that place requires. I get inspirations from the people around me, the places I visit and their history,” says Shobit. To Shobit, bartending is all about passion, skills, creativity and proper understanding of each element. He loves sharing and exchanging ideas with his team, inventing new cocktails by building on his knowledge. As the man behind the bar of the Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge, he looks forward to delighting his guests with sensory surprises that are beautifully presented, and making the establishment a must-visit nightlife hotspot in the region.



Wynn Resorts


Introduction of Cocktails:


1)    B-A-R “Born-and-Raised” (MITE Special Cocktail)

A specially tailor-made cocktail for MITE and Macau, as the name indicated, the cocktail is born and raised in local Macau. A homegrown gin from Macau is used so to add a splash of local flair, with the semi dry vermouth added, fortifying the aromatic smell. Final touch up and garnish with pomelo foam and mango caviar to have a richer taste. 

2)    SW Negroni

The famed and legendary SW Negroni, the first barrel-aged cocktail SW Bar made, perfected over the last 7 years, one perfect batch at a time.

Ripe blood orange flesh on the nose, medicinal oxidized flavors of grassy gentian, bitter grapefruit peel, and baked orange nose.

3)    Mango Burlé 3 Way

Fresh, ripe, and tropical mangos smell incredible, infusing spiced rum, balancing sweet with bitter in this craft, and it is no secret that this cocktail is the most popular one at SW Bar.  Three different preparations as the inspiration for the name, and as for the burnt raw brown sugar, the Brulé, of course.

Bartender Profile:

Richard Alfaro

Beverage Team Leader – SW Steakhouse, Wynn Palace 


Richard Alfaro is a certified bartender of the Institute for Tourism Studies Macau (IFTM) and the International Bartenders Association (both Singapore and Macau). He has been listed in the Global Top 40 of the HennessyMyWay Cocktail Challenge 2022, and led the Bar and team to won the awards from The Bar Awards – Bar of the Year, Macau presented by GH Mumm Champagne 2018 and The Bar Awards – Bar of the Year, Hotel – Macau presented by East Imperial 2019. 


Richard has been working as a bartender since 2007 from a Junior Bartender and with his efforts and passion, he is now the Beverage Team Leader at the awarded restaurant – SW Steakhouse which awarded Forbes Travel Guide 5 Stars and Diamond Awards from Black Pearl Restaurant Guide. He is responsible to develop and create the bar drinks, mentor the bar team of their professional bartending skills and coaching, provide team members with comprehensive professional training, and strive to promote bartending development in F&B Industry.